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Deep Knowledge Ventures strives to be a leader in disruptive DeepTech investment, investing in core science and technology underlying the convergence of technological megatrends such as blockchain, cryptoeconomy, personalised medicine, precision health, longevity and advanced IT solutions. In order to accomplish this, we commit substantial resources to our analytics department, thoroughly landscaping industries and subsectors in order to identify the best investment opportunities.

We release much of the results of our analysis to the public for free in the form of comprehensive analytical reports, in order to show where deep technologies are headed, and to identify the point at which they are likely to synergistically converge, thereby disrupting the industries they are a part of.

Our most recent analytical reports include Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Vol I: The Science of Longevity, Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Vol II: The Business of Longevity, AI for Drug Discovery, AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D, and HealthTech Mobile Apps Landscape Overview, with several other analytical reports scheduled for publication throughout 2018.

Interested readers are encouraged to subscribe to our free analytics platform,, to receive our newest analytical reports as soon as they are made public.

NeuroTech Industry
Landscape Overview 2017

AI for Drug Discovery
Landscape Overview 2017